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Contactless Debit Cards

Who needs paper and coins when you can have plastic? Enjoy the convenience of a free Visa® debit card for purchasing around the globe and online.

It’s safer than carrying cash, more convenient than checks, and accepted everywhere. Now by being contactless, save more time than ever before, just touch and go!  Contactless cards have less wear and tear on them, reducing frustration by not having to try multiple times due to a worn-out card.  The very same card is used to make ATM withdrawals. One tiny piece of plastic; a whole lot of versatility.  

Wire Transfers

Make sure your money is mobile with our wire transfer capabilities. Whether it’s sent to a city, county, state, or country, we make it easy, quick, and painless.

Safe Deposit Boxes1

Enjoy greater peace of mind by adding an extra layer of protection to your most valuable possessions. Available at Nebraska and Wyoming locations only. Contact us for details about safe deposit box rental. 

1Contents are not insured or guaranteed by the First State Bank, the FDIC, or by any other government agency. 

Teller Services

Alongside the usual, here’s more of what we can do for you at the teller line.

  • Cashier’s checks
  • Coin counting
  • Fax service
  • Money orders
  • Free notary service
  • Cash advances (for customers and non-customers)

We love our communities

And we’re not afraid to show it. From sponsoring local events to honoring those who give back.

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